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I am increasingly convinced that raw, living food is the way to go. Hippocrates Institute is curing people of cancer with this diet. There are reports of other major, progressive diseases being halted, and even reversed, with raw living food.
I’ve got the raw part down. I juice. I eat a big salad every day. I now eat only organic vegetables. I consume sea vegetables daily. It’s the living part that stumps me. I need a dehydrator and a Vitamix. According to these books I have purchased, I need approximately 17 hours a day for food preparation. I have visions of my counters covered in plants and grains engaged in the ambitious process of sprouting. They are doing this next to the Barley grass I am growing.
Insert reality HERE. I don’t eat grains and I don’t know how to prepare them. I don’t grow things well in my house and my juicer won’t handle barley grass. I currently devote about 17 minutes to daily food preparation.
So I bought green stuff at the co-op. It has been recommended in the last few books I have read by very impressive doctors curing people of very serious things. It has numerous things missing from the diet I wish I had. It’s easy. It’s a powder to put into water and make a green drink. I like easy. There is Organic Amaranth Sprout in there. I’m pretty sure I’ll never make that happen any other way.
So I buy the green stuff and I eagerly read the bottle while waiting at the coffee shop for some friends. This is fascinating and I note that I am invited to read their website, since all the information about this product cannot fit on the outside packaging. I plan to do so at my earliest convenience.
My earliest convenience happened to be the next day at 1:37 a.m. I was up because I had been in the bathroom every five to ten minutes for the previous five hours. One bit of information that didn’t fit on the small coffee can sized container, but was on the website, is that a person should definitely work up to the recommended daily dosage SLOWLY. Start with 1/4 of the dosage for the first five days, the website helpfully suggests.
I love this product. It contains many of the things I was feeling pressured to include in my diet RIGHT NOW. I will drink it every single day. But they really might want to find just a bit of space on the container for the suggestion to build the dosage slowly. It’s a really good idea.

Oh, you know what else is a good idea? Doctors could use this stuff as a prep for all colon screening procedures! Instead of the thick, gross, nauseating goo they have you drink to empty your body, they could use this product! It works to empty the digestive tract and it’s extremely good for you.

I Need To Talk to a Dog Trainer.

I Need To Talk To a Dog Trainer.

 Most of what we teach our dogs is unintentional. Dogs are born knowing many things and with their own language, their own truth. They learn in a very specific and unique way. It is our ignorance of this truth and our insistence on relating to them from our terms that causes trouble. 
 “Whisper, you are supposed to be a calm and dignified animal!” I read to my Standard Poodle puppy from the official AKC standard for the breed. I pointed to the page for emphasis. I gave her my best stern look. I studied her for signs of calm dignity. When she bounded off to continue chewing on my house and my children in a decidedly undignified manner, I found a dog trainer.
 I didn’t think I needed a dog trainer. I knew dogs! I made my living working with dogs. I knew what to feed them. I knew how to care for their coat. I knew their origin, most of the breeds, symptoms of common illnesses. I knew what books had to teach us about dogs. I knew what living with a very sedate and agreeable Bulldog had taught me. I had purchased a healthy, properly raised and weaned puppy of a breed that fit my lifestyle from a reputable breeder. What I did not know was the very first thing our new trainer told us.
 “You are teaching your dog something every time you interact with them. Make sure you are teaching what you what them to know.”
 When my life crashed down around my head two years ago, I tried the usual things first. I cried. I cried in bed. I cried in bed with a bottle of vodka. I cried in bed with a bottle of vodka with a hangman’s noose nailed to the wall above my head. This was not helping. I needed a change. I needed things to be radically different or I did not want to be here anymore. I simply could not go on.
 I turned at this point to other people that had changed their lives. I listened to them, I watched them, I read the books they suggested and I tried very earnestly to do what they did. I sought out healers and happy people. I listened, I watched, I learned. It helped. I believe it saved my life. But all these people and books and teachings were not me, were not written for me and didn’t specifically address me. I was better, but I was restless. I was missing something.
 I began to notice patterns in all these teachings. A fundamental element that ran through them all. It was vague and elusive, but it was there. I realized that the world is much like a dog in the way that it has it’s own truth, it’s own rules and it’s own constant. It continues to quietly, powerfully and perfectly operate from this truth and we can either strive to understand it or we can do our own thing. Some people seem to know this and succeed without effort. Some people have to learn it. I had to learn it. I wanted to learn it. Enter the life coach!
 I learned from coaching that we all create our own reality. It is very helpful to understand how this is done so that we can create that which we intend, rather than what is created when we respond to the world from the place of our assumptions, our conditioning and our errant beliefs born from the intense labor of pain. I knew pain. In fact, pain was such a comfortable place for me that I created it wherever I could to stay there and prove how well I could endure it. With 40 years of practice doing this, I need coaching to continually steer me back to the proper way to interact with the world. My stubborn, improperly trained mind keeps finding ways around these rather simple rules and techniques to return itself to it’s status quo. 
 I am in love with this process. I am in love with the knowledge that we can only access this process from the place of who we truly are. I  am in love with the fact that it works for anyone, in any situation. I am in school to learn to guide other people through their own version of this discovery and it’s resulting empowerment. I am on a fascinating, joyful journey where even the mistakes seem like miraculous gifts.
 I have a foster dog in my home right now. She is doing the very thing that is most annoying to me. She is doing it more consistently the longer she is with me. I don’t know how, but I know I have taught her this.
 I really need to talk to a dog trainer.

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